Entry #2

New drawings, plus a NG tribute, of sorts.

2008-03-30 05:58:44 by Kahrne

Yup, I thought I'd let anyone who actually reads my Posts about an update I did a few days ago on Deviant Art. I've uploaded a good chunk of new work onto there, most of it past my preferred due dates. And among them was a drawing of the Newgrounds Tank, which, thanks to help by Osuka and Paper-Shadow, I've completed as a combination of my own test of skills and as a small tribute to Newgrounds itself. May we all pray it will keep handing out the goods for a few more years to come.

Kahrne Annabelle Lee

P.S. I've crammed the drawing down below. I don't think it's full scale, but if you really want to see the thing in it's full glory, see my DA page.


New drawings, plus a NG tribute, of sorts.


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2008-03-30 07:02:04

LOL, pixelated NG tank :D

Kahrne responds:

Holy crap, a Comment? I Wasn't expecting that.

Oh well, as long as you appear to have liked it. Spread the word!


2008-07-21 05:22:22

Pretty good. :)

Kahrne responds:

Holy crap, another one! Appearantly the word is getting out after all....

Keep spreading it, then!


2008-08-11 09:32:07

nice drawing XD

to reward u ill put an elvis smile here!


Kahrne responds:

Eh, keep the Elvis Smile. Compliments are good enough for me. Well, that, or getting a request for a drawing.